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Doctors.com.au is not just another patient engagement platform, we are changing the way patients access preventative care through partnerships with like minded organisations like the Cancer Council.

We’re keeping patients’ health in check through prevention quizzes, reminders, diagnosis and treatment information they won’t find anywhere else.


AI - driven preventative health care

While we do do medical practitioner listings and bookings, we are so much more…

We build lifelong relationships with people, reminding them of critical milestone check-ups and managing everyday needs for them and their dependents.

Regular screening and visiting health professionals for vital and routine check ups is a game changer in preventative health. Every Australian should be aware of what check-ups they should be attending and how they can best reduce their risk of illness.

Doctors.com.au provides information about different types of health checks and gets patients connected with health professionals so that they can stay on-top of their health – removing the need to think about or worry what check-ups or appointments should be booked.

Doctors.com.au is proud to be a
Cancer Council Preventative Health care Partner, getting Australians back into timely cancer screenings.

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Preventative health care is smart

But it is not always easy to manage – we get busy, we feel well, and somehow the very thing we know is smart slips another week, and then another.

At doctors.com.au our mission is healthy Australians, and we do this by making preventative health easier.  Doctors.com.au is making preventative health care easy through appointment management, and access to new prevention quizzes. 

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