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Staying on top of your health

Staying up to date with regular check-ups, appointments and screenings is a key factor in detecting, diagnosing and treating preventative diseases, ensuring that Australians can live longer, healthier lives.

At doctors.com.au, we are putting the wellbeing of Australian’s first by making it easy to access preventative health care.

By creating a free patient account you will have access to prevention quizzes backed by our partners like the Cancer Council. We will remind you of essential check-ups and let you know of health tasks to prompt you to take a proactive approach to your health.

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Keep communications with your health professional team secure and all in one place.

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Know your risks, and let us remind you of essential health-checks, appointments and screenings.

Our tailored health quizzes are backed by health partners including the Cancer Council

Preventative health care matters

Doctors.com.au makes preventative healthcare easy. Timely reminders, access to practitioners and appointments enable you to keep your health care in check.

The smart AI driven technology organises you and your families heath care needs for a streamlined experience that slots seamlessly into your schedule.

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