Skin cancer check-up quiz

Determine if you have signs and symptoms of skin cancer and be reminded of your skin checks.

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Why do this quiz?


This quiz will help to determine if you are of high risk of skin cancer, if you require immediate investigation from a medical professional for skin cancer (melanoma), or receive prevention recommendations and reminders (screening). 

At the end of the quiz you will be presented with a recommendation to get screened, see a medical professional (GP or Skin cancer clinic) or prevention measures you should take, depending on your answers.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Each year almost 2,000 Australians die from this almost entirely preventable disease.

Fortunately you can reduce your risk as well as be aware of possible symptoms to act as fast as possible.

Complete the quiz and start receiving reminders for essential checks

It’s too easy for check-ups and important health tasks like cancer screenings to just slip by until sometimes it’s too late.

Doctors.com.au is a free service that provides tailored reminders letting you know when it’s time for your next appointment or check-up.

When you complete this quiz you will receive health reminders and an account log-in – helping to keep your health care in check! 

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