Jasmina Kevric

Ambassador of doctors.com.auJasmina Kevric is a Doctor and Public Health Advocate who volunteers for non-profit organisations in places such as Burma, India and rural Australia, raising awareness of global health issues.

Former refugee from war-torn country Bosnia, Jasmina arrived to Australia not speaking the English language with only one goal in mind; educating herself so that she may help others. Her background and experiences made her determined to step into a position where she can speak for those who find themselves in life changing circumstances such as war.

Jasmina has been awarded Australia’s Young Achiever award in the Greater Dandenong region. During her medical student days, Jasmina founded projects focusing on reducing the negative media attention surrounding newly arrived refugees. She also took to the step of Parliament, traveling to Canberra with 1000 other young health activists raising awareness of international aid. She believes that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness regardless of the circumstances and spends her time encouraging and motivating young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their dreams.

Jasmina is continuously increasing her knowledge of the healthcare system and she hopes her health advocacy skills in conjunction with her surgical skills will help reduce the high death rates of men and women suffering from preventable surgical emergencies in the developing countries.

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