Your mouth is the gateway to your health. Not only does it dictate what you eat, the very process of digestion starts in your mouth. Just as we are only beginning to unravel the importance of a healthy gut to our overall health, we are learning more and more about the role of good dental hygiene in overall health.

From the moment you begin to salivate, that’s your body preparing its digestive enzymes to process the food it will soon receive. Without teeth you cannot effectively chew this food. why dental hygiene is so important for your overall healthChewing your food properly helps your body to more effectively digest and assimilate nutrients. This signifies the importance of your dental hygiene. Furthermore, without a healthy tongue, you cannot taste food properly. We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be sick and unable to taste food. Suddenly food becomes unappetising and we don’t always make the most nutritious decisions for our health. This, coupled with the texture of food in your mouth when eating, is where the enjoyment of eating comes from!

Your teeth can also harbour harmful bacteria and plaque if not cared for. These can lead to illness, gum disease and many unwanted dentist visits that could result in fillings and even root canals!

And one cannot underestimate the importance of clean teeth for a bright white smile which can also play into one’s mental, social and emotional health. So with all this in mind, take note to care for your teeth. Listen to your dentist when they recommend you brush and floss. From a dietary perspective, it’s best to steer clear of  highly processed, sugary and acidic foods which can degrade your tooth enamel.

If you take care of your dental hygiene, your body, and smile, will thank you for it.

Author Bio: Nora Abbas is a former dental hygienist, turned writer & teeth whitening expert for Cali White, who believes in the importance of oral care. When she’s not helping others to care for their smile, she’s playing with her cute Labrador and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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